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“The site’s looking really awesome, and the show is great! I liked the interview with Daniela Sea. I really love that you’re putting so much [animal rights] stuff on your site! ” – Candace Kassman, Peta Asia Pacific

“You’re telegenic!” – Ken Krongard, President, Major Label Scout.com

“On the Verge has been so supportive of the charitable events I have planned, freely assisting and taking part in so many ways. They not only bring you the hottest interviews and information, but they’ve also found a way to personally bring you into the fun! Entertaining, informative and charitable, these ladies are music to my ears.” – Carly Hood, The American Cancer Society

• “I like Joelle a lot and she has always been so good at supporting and promoting my own music.”
– Producer/ musician Butch Walker on why he became a judge for The Independent Music Awards.

• “We decided it would be in the band’s best interest if we went and teamed up with an outside company to help us in [PR]. Me and Sam were thinkin’ and it hit us- we were like I bet those Planet Verge girls [Joelle & Jess at Audio Crush PR] would nail this!!!” – Jean Paul Makhlouf, Cash Cash (Universal Records)

• “Thank you for all your contributions this year. I really appreciate the updates you’ve been sending. You really are doing a great job with this and the best part is you know what to do without me having to tell you.” – Val Emmich (musician/ actor, Ugly Betty & 30 Rock)

“You’re an inspired and inspiring force.” – Shawn Harris, the Matches

“On The Verge is a powerhouse program! Not only do they interview interesting artists across genres, but they also make it spicy. More than just learning about the music (which you do within the interviews) you also get to know the artists on a more personal and refreshing level as the Planet Verge girls create an enticing environment for the artists to loosen up with their own understanding of music and the music industry.” – Marissa Kraines, Red Bull Records

“I love On The Verge – it’s an exciting show and l liked getting to see another side to the bands and artists. The girls of Planet Verge are never afraid to ask the questions that we all want to hear – like in the Black Gold episode! The show ROCKS! I can’t wait for more” – Asi Meskin, President of Comfortably Numb Records, a Division of East West

“ON THE VERGE is very cute! I love the philanthropic twist, seems like you’ve got something very exciting started!” – Rosalynn Basford Beauty/Fashion Publicist, Arlene Howard Public Relations (Make Love Not Trash)

“Flat out the coolest and easiest way to see your favorite artists interviewed from their environment. Plus you get to learn what all the cool kids are up to!” – Justin Rubinstein, VP A&R, The Record Company

“Joelle Caputa and Planet Verge were pivotal in spreading the word about my previous band Fixer, as well as many other bands who have grown from being virtually unknown to being known around the world! I am extremely excited to see that with On The Verge TV, Planet Verge continues to get down and dirty to bring you inside the world of not only the bands you already know, but more importantly the ones that you don’t!” – Jason Brown Production (MySpace.com/Jbrownproduction)

• “Just wanted to say thanks for being such a big supporter of indie music through your PR company and your magazine. That kind of support is much appreciated from bands like us.” -Canadian band, October Sky

•”I noticed that you are heavily involved in the music industry, especially in the area of independent music, and that most of your success has been self-made success. It was really inspiring to me to see someone not much older than myself making such a name for herself in the business side of the music industry. I was just curious if you could give some advice on how to get my foot in the door. You are obviously well established in the industry and very good at what you do, and I could use all the advice I can get!
– Renee, recent Law School Grad hoping to break into Entertainment Law

• “First of all thank you for the AMAZING work you’ve been doing in the US, I’ve seen a report or two. The band is very happy!”– Maya von Doll, Sohodolls (UK)

• “Joelle Caputa and Planet Verge were pivotal in spreading the word about my previous band Fixer, as well as many other bands who have grown from being virtually unknown to being known around the world! I am extremely excited to see that with On The Verge, Planet Verge continues to get down and dirty to bring you inside the world of not only the bands you already know, but more importantly the ones that you don’t!”– – Jason Brown Production 

• “Thanks a lot for supporting Panic Attack:) We’ve got a lot of interest from America thanks to you!”
-Panic Attack Clothing (UK)

• “Joelle Caputa does things for Perfuma that baffle and surprise us every day. She truly loves the work she does and is becoming more and more impressive with it all the time.” Adam Bird, vocalist for Perfuma (now Those Mockingbirds)

• “I’m hard-core into Journalism and PR at my school.. It’s getting ridiculous. Everyone at my school knows me for my exceptional work and I always accredit a great portion of that to my prior work with Miss Joelle and the former Planet Verge company! And you can definitely quote me on that. “ – Jordan Lake, former Planet Verge intern from Maine.

• “Always hip and in the know about upcoming bands, Joelle and the (Planet Verge) crew have put their money and clout behind these bands, and only a few months later, you hear about these bands on MTV and Clear Channel radio.” – James McQuisten, Neufutur zine

• “Ever since I met Joelle, I knew I wanted her on my team. She’s direct, honest, and as hard working as they come. That’s all I can ask for, or anyone for that matter, when looking for a team player. Joelle and the rest of Planet Verge have the same cutthroat mentality as FIXER when it comes to moving forward, making progress, and standing for something powerful in music and art. We are professionals and have mutual respect for what we do, but we’ve also had some wild times on the road, at festivals, and promoting and signing autographs at Warped Tour. Making music and promoting it is all about the people. It’s all about making friends, making a mark, and making something worthwhile that will stand the test of time.” –Evan Saffer of Fixer (past client)

• “Planet Verge and Modern Records had an amazing show at Doc Watson’s last night!! The place was packed, new friends were made and the bands blew the roof off!! Joelle at Planet Verge is the best. One of the most passionate people in music that have I ever met. The magazine is awesome and they need your support!!! Check them out and advertise if you can, the rates are very low.” -Mark Landgraf, President, Modern (ModIrn) Records (past client)

Event Programs/ Magazines By Joelle.

    • “Take your thank-you, your wedding programs, your save-the-dates and consider them a bare canvas for Joelle to transform the memories of your wedding into something nothing short of memorable.”-Makeup artist/ Jerseylicious star, Alexa Prisco  (aka The Glam Fairy)

      •”I Love Your Web Site!”

-Patricia Canole, Editor,For the Bride magazine

      •”I love it! Awesome magazine. Thanks! Look forward to sharing it with my brides.”

-Catherine Scerbo, For Your Event Planning

    • “The programs were a hit! Everyone loved them. Some people took 2 and 3 because they liked them so much. I almost feel like I should have ordered more. We had such an amazing times and the programs were such an amazing touch to our wedding day.” -Bride/Customer Roxanne

  • “Seeing your memories in a magazine just looks so much fun! Wear a smile and let Magazines By Joelle make you a star!”- SheJustGotMarried.com


  • “Got your samples in the mail. I love them! My style as a wedding planner is to absolutely be a trendsetter and your product is absolutely fabulous.”- Stacy McKoy, wedding planner

• “All our guests loved the programs!” -Bride/Customer Carol

•“I am a wedding planner. I have a bride that is looking to have a unique wedding program to act as a keepsake for her guests. I believe your magazine would be an excellent idea.” -Misti Ward, Posh N Pampered Wedding Planning

  • “Such a cool idea and especially for all brides, because who doesn’t love a good magazine? Especially when it’s you in it!” –Annie Reuter, Editor, You Sing, I Write